Krish driving School


   Overseas Drivers

 Assessment needed 45mins (mock exam)

 See Examine's Guidance Document

 What learners cover - Please read this

 Form a plan on what needs correcting if any

 Once corrections are done, concentrate on test routes

 Common faults.

 1. M S M routine not followed. (Very little use of mirrors. )

 2. Cutting corners

 3. Steering control (crossed hands)

 4. Coasting

 5. Lane discipline

 6. Rules at junctions especially roundabouts.  90%  of students find this the main problem.

 7. Adequate clearance

 8. Manoeuvres. The correct way for the exam

 9.Awareness and Meeting hazards

 10. Planning

Road markings Youtube clip

 The exam is quite tough and you need to drive at a certain standard to pass.

You may have certain driving habits that may not be acceptable in exam

Please make sure you read the highway code.

Read up on road markings and priority rules.

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