Krish Driving school

Lesson content - provisional license holder

Note: No-one can sit at the back in lesson

Beginner will follow path below and any partly trained will follow areas that need development
Cockpit drill know your car
Moving off and stopping in a safe place
Straight driving with more hand and feet control
Junctions -main road to minor and emerge
Crossroad - Priority rules
Roundabouts - MSpsl  rules- Judgement
Signals - rules
Advanced skills- rules and judgement
Awareness, planning, meeting
Clearances and progress
Pedestrian crossings
Manoeuvres- Observe, control and accuracy
Car park- parking- reverse and forward
Reversing - side road and TIR
Parallel park, Park on the right
Emergency stop, dual carriageway
Independent driving- verbal and Satnav
Test routes