Krish Driving School

Exam Assessment  -Passing the exam

The examiner is a looking for a confident and competent driver.

 They can  follow the rules of the road and deal with situations as if they were driving on their own.

They can meet other road users and deal with junctions with confidence and no hesitation.

They can do the manoeuvres in a safe manner with due regard to other road users.

For all of these you need to have knowledge and road practise.

An instructor can guide you but also help control a situation with dual controls if the need arises.

New Exam wordings from 4th December 2017


Typical Appt slots: Pinner



Independent driving following satnav starts from Test centre.

Independent driving for road directions can start anywhere.



Good morning/afternoon Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms ........May I see your driving licence and

your photo ID please (and if required: also your TT pass certificate please).

Mr/........would you read and sign this insurance and residency declaration please?

Is your name and address still the same as on your driving licence?

Would you like your instructor/accompanying driver to accompany you on test and

be there for the result and end of test feedback. (The DL25 must be marked as


If, candidate says 'no'. Ask: Would you like your instructor/accompanying driver to

be there at the end of test for the result and feedback