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Foreign/Overseas Drivers- General Guidance

Post brexit rules- Please read

 You won't be able to take a foreign language interpreter with you on your driving test from 7 April 2014. You will have to take the test in English, Welsh or British Sign Language.

Under the Road Traffic Act, it is already an offence for individuals to drive without a valid licence or to cause 

or permit someone to do so.

If you have a full licence from a country  in the European Community or  European Economic Area you can drive

in the UK with that license until it ends or would need to be renewed under the laws of England and Wales. 


If you  have a foreign license, which we do not recognize for the purpose of exchanging licences, you can drive 

as a visitor for up to 12 months from the date you last entered the UK. 

If you get your provisional license during that first 12 months, you are not required to show L-plates during that first 12 months (the time that your foreign licence is still valid). You also don't need to be accompanied, and you can drive on motorways (again, just during the first 12 months). After that first 12 months, you must show L-plates and be accompanied, so it's best to start the process as soon as possible.



If you live in the  UK you can drive for up to 12 months from the date you become a resident. To continue driving you must get a  provisional 

GB licence and pass a driving  test before the 12-month period ends.

For more info see Guide to Driving License

Theory Exam

Once you have your provisional, you now need to book a theory exam.

Practical driving Test

If you have been driving for while in your country then you have the basic driving skills.  For the UK test, you have to decide whether you want drive a manual or automatic car. 

Passing in an automatic does not entitle you to drive a manual car however passing in a manual entitles you to drive an automatic. Choice is yours.

Skills that you may not have are the MSM (mirrors signal Manoeuvre), lane discipline, roundabouts, POM ( preparation observation manoeuvre)

reversing and various manoeuvres that need to be done safely and under control during the exam.

Well it looks quite a lot but with expert tuition and guidance, you will be able to learn quickly.

The best thing to do now is call me and book an assessment for 45mins.

 This involves driving for 30mins over various roads, traffic conditions, junctions roundabouts and do a few manoeuvres. From the assessment, I will advice what needs to be developed and will start of with corrections if necessary.


In summary

1. Obtain a provisional license

2. Book theory test with DSA

3. Book lessons with an instructor

4. Book practical exam with DSA


 Typical lesson plan