Krish driving School : FAQ  

Q: Automatic to Manual

A:  In the UK, you can pass the driving test in an automatic or manual car. Depending on which car you passed the test in, will result in which licence type you gain.

  If you have an automatic licence, you will need to re-take the driving test in a manual transmission car to gain a full UK licence that entitles you to drive both automatic and manual transmission cars.

You will however not need to re-take the theory test, even if you passed your automatic driving test before the theory test was introduced.

  Q:  Block Booking discount

 A: Please check prices on my website or call me


  Q:  Cancellations

 A:  A days notice is best. 


 Q:  What do I offer :

 AA structured training plan, guidance on test routes, and your personal revision page for exam. 


 Q : Do I have to take one or two hour sessions?

 A:  One hour to begin with but closer to exam, two hours is necessary to increase chances of passing.

      If you live far from a test centre, then time in a test area is limited.


 Q : Insurance for new learners?

 A: Use one of the comparison websites for best quote.


 Q : I have been driving overseas so probably won't need that many lessons?

 AHave an assessment then see what needs correction if any.


 Q: Can I take my car for the exam?

  A: Yes, if you have insurance cover.

  Advantages: You probably know your car well and are confident to drive.

  Disadvantages:  If you are in danger, the examiner will be limited in what he can do whereas in a driving school car, dual controls can be used to control a situation.


 Q: How many lessons do I need?

  A:  According to DSA, at least 35 to 40hours. Could be with an instructor or your parents, friends etc. Finally it depends on you, how quickly do you learn and remember.


 Q :Passing first time, my figures?

   A:   85% but again varies. Chances of passing increase as you take more lessons closer to the exam.


  Q : Getting ready for exam, what extra help do you give?

  A Test routes guidance and personal revision page. There are a few places where local knowledge is more important in dealing with traffic.


 Q :Do I need your ADI number to book a test. ?

 A: Call me


 Q : Bay parking for exam, where will it take place?

 A: Only in the test centre. Some test centres do not have bays therefore it's not carried out.


 Q: How long have you been an instructor.

  A: I have been an instructor for 12years. Specializing  for Pinner test centre routes.


 Q: Which car do you use?

  A: Vauxhall Corsa D 5 door petrol at present with dual controls and extra blind spot mirrors.


  Q: Any training I can do in advance to help me prepare for lesson?


   A: Yes, be a navigator first. Guide your friends or parents following road signs, road markings etc to different destinations.



   Dipak   ADI